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Dick And Fanny has a chat with Colby B


Djing since 2002, but in the industry since 1991, Colby b got an early start with music in the city of Seattle. She began working with promoters and record labels early on doing production, promotion and various other odds-&-ends in the scene but was most famous for being the door girl at every hot event in the city before starting work as a DJ. Being tagged as one of the most in-demand DJs in Seattle, Colby b moved on-ward and up-ward to the city of New York after juggling residencies at parties in Seattle, Vancouver and San Francisco. She can be found playing New York’s hottest venues, including Le Bain, Marquee, EVR, Greenhouse and Westway.

Hey Colby, we’re excited to finally have you play at Dick and Fanny. You’ve just been on a little European round-trip. Where have you been and what did you get up to?

I feel like I’ve been everywhere! But many places I still need to go, next time 😉

I started in London with a little much needed R&R after playing with Boy George In Seattle and Iggy Azealea in New York just before coming across the pond. I then went on to play LaRoboterie in Rome with some awesome Djs. I’m currently in Amsterdam for the big conference Amsterdam Dance Event. Berlin next week to party at Berghain (not playing though) and then back to London for the festivities.

You’re currently based in New York but you got your music career started in Seattle. Tell us a bit more about that.

I’ve put my hands in about everything music related, club management/booking/promoting/record labels and finally settled on djing. I had a good reputation and that combined with a wide range of musical expertise led to bookings and so on. I was so blessed to grow as a artist in that community I’ve played with some real legends and biggest names. Moby, The Pet Shop Boys, Deadmau5, James Murphy, Hercules and Love Affair, Peaches and The Scissor Sisters to name a few.

Music-wise Seattle is probably most associated with grunge (it most certainly is for me!). What’s the electronic and house music scene like there?
Trust, even I wanted to be Courtney love growing up, thankfully I attended the last Seattle show of Nirvana- RIP Kurt. The scene there is constantly in flux and there have been so many legendary things that have come from that small town. A big thing putting Seattle on the map is the electronic festival – Decibel Festival, now in its 10th year. The city has a small community, but also has sister cities Portland and Vancouver (Canada) 3 hours in either direction. Between the three we get the best mix of everything.
You still spend a lot of time between the East Coast and the West Coast. What would you say are the biggest differences between the two when it comes to queer nightlife and the type of music you would play?

I feel like the west coast is def more organic/DIY/arty/queer and in some instances pushes for a lot of top 40 where as in in nyc house music reigns king (or queen if you will). The [ny] venues tend to either be more posh and exclusive or more underground and sleazy – all combos I like 😉

If you would have to send someone to the most exciting parties in NYC or Seattle, where would you get them to go?

In Seattle the end all be all is Pony. The best gay bar ran by my old party (Comeback) partner Marcus Wilson who has had his hand in everything from TrannyShack to the legendary Seattle party Pho Bang. He also has a amazing band called the Ononos. There are lots of things going on any given night though, lots of stars in that city – including last Ru Paul’s Drag Race winner Jinkx Monsoon.

In New York you have too many to choose from on any given night. The best ones right now if have to say are Westgay at Westway (a old strip club if that gives you any ideas) and then any party thrown by legendary promoter Susanne Bartsch. I’m lucky to have played at most of her events since moving to New York such as Vandam Sundays (thrown with club kid legend Kenny Kenny) On Top at Le Bain (The Standard) and most recently Catwalk Thursday at Marquee which just this week won best party in New York at the The Paper Magazine nightlife awards. And one must not forget the legendary bars such as The Cock, The Monster and Eastern Bloc.

Are you currently working on any productions of your own or any remixes?

At the moment all my focus has been on touring but I do have plans for more in the future. I do have two mixes out currently, Fast Chick (DJ Nita and Colby b remix) by ErickaToure Aviance and Best XXXcessory (Pointy Paradise mix) by Manilla Luzon of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Pointy Paradise is myself and Matt Katz-Bohen of the band Blondie.

And what can the Dicks and Fannies expect? A bit more NYC or a bit more Seattle or a bit of both?

Definitely more New York, she really rubbed off on me 😉 But I pick up influence from every city I play in so your always getting a mixed bag – a goodie bag of something for everyone!


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