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Dick and Fanny chats with Severino


Hey Severino! We’re super excited to finally have you back at Dick and Fanny. It’s been a full four years since the last time (which was only our 2nd one ever). What have you been up to since?

Happy to be back at your fun party. I’ve been busy with gigs everywhere with Horse Meat Disco but also with side dance projects with Nico De Ceglia as Hyena Stomp, with HiFi Sean as Up Yours (including the lovely Feral is Kinky) and by myself remixing Claudia Brucker and others and doing a comp for Classic Records. More projects are in the pipeline for this year, a dance project…

You travel a lot DJing all over the world. What are some of your favourite clubs to DJ at?

Well Panorama in Berlin has to be, where apparently I’m gonna play again Good Friday 18th April.

Cielo and Output in NYC where we do HMD have a great soundsystem, fun in Amsterdam with Room Service and Provincetown for Bear Week was amazing with HMD & Christeene.

You’ve also just celebrated Horse Meat Disco’s 5th birthday in Berlin. How is the Berlin party different from your London parties?

I’m still in Berlin actually, it was amazing. All of us 4 were there, soo good. Berlin knows how to go out a lot. LOL.

You produced and released the brilliant London with Hifi Sean featuring Feral aka MC Kinky as your project Up Yours last year. Do you have any Up Yours releases coming up this year?

Yes actually, another one with Kinky and more remixes including the lovely I Am A Camera duo.

Are there any other productions you are working on at the moment?

Yes as I said above looots of music, plus I need a solo project!

Will there be another Horse Meat Disco album in the near future?

Yes indeed, in fact the other day Jim [Stanton] was showing me the artwork from our Adrian Fillary man, it looks ace. I think it’s gonna be out this springtime. Exciting times. Strut Records are excited too.

What else have you planned for 2014?

More travels with my residency in Tel Aviv too at PAG (Very Dick And Fanny actually), Panorama Bar for Easter, SMS festival in Croatia, Glastonbury, SF Gay Pride and mooore.

Severino plays the Dick and Fanny January 2014 edition on Saturday 18th January at Dance Tunnel.