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Dick And Fanny has a chat with Michelle Manetti

Michelle Manetti

DJ, Vocalist, producer, purveyor of musical delights and prowess of the night, with over 10 years’ experience under her belt, it’s fair to say that MICHELLE MANETTI is a jack of all trades master of many. Her love of old skool sounds crosses from obsession to perversion and back again and can be clearly heard in her music. From London to Brighton, Ibiza to Australia, she has DJ’d and performed at many a club around the world. Both in the studio and on the decks she has worked alongside the likes of Joey Negro, Serge Santiago, Tom Neville, Howard Donald, Prok & Fitch, Sharp Boys, Sunset Strippers and Bryan Chambers.

Michelle Manetti will be gracing our decks again this coming Sunday 29 December at Dalston Superstore for our PRE-NYE’s bash. DAVE KENDRICK, LA GOSSE and DAVID OH, as well as DAF’s own Duchess of Pork and Sandra Le will also aim bringing about your best dance moves.

Hi Michelle,

You’ve been working the musical scene for a while now, can you please tell us a bit about your musical journey?

It’s a long winding one, I’ve got a very musical family, we had a piano in my house that my mum played and three of my uncles were guitar and bass players so music would always feature in family gatherings from a young age, singing and playing instruments. During my youth I picked up a variety of musical instruments but never had the patience to follow many of them through, but singing was always something that just happened easily. I was in various choirs, singing groups and musicals in and outside of school and was intending to study musical theatre at drama school when I left college, but sadly my scholarship fell through. I ended up joining a function band and getting into session singing, spending time in recording studios. I had a thirst to make my own music and not just be the voice behind the recording, so decided to go and study music production at Uni. I realised that to be a good producer, it would be a good idea to know what a DJ looks for in a track and how it works on the dancefloor, so the DJ-ing came about as a happy accident. It paid my way through Uni, then everything else really kicked off from there…

Where can we listen to your vocal talent?

I have a number of recordings on my Soundcloud. A lot of them are from my band The Off Key Hat then a few tracks I’ve worked on as sessions or collaborations.

What are you working on at the moment? Any new productions coming out soon?

Yes indeed, I’ve just completed a few vocal collaborations, one with a producer called Shaklo, which is due for release in March, then a couple of others which are yet to have a release schedule. I’ve got some vocal collaborations which I’ll be working on early January, a couple of remixes to get stuck into and I’ll also finish up my own EP which will combine my own productions and vocals.

Wow, that’s a packed year ahead already, we can’t wait to hear these new releases!

Can you tell us about Lipstick Disco? Are you getting a lot of feedback on it?

Lipstick Disco is my music blog, for Deep House and Nu Disco. The initial idea behind the blog was to create a collective of  fellow female musicians working in the same genre of music and to give us a platform to post about music we love, projects we’re working on, nights we’re playing at etc. At the moment it’s still just me running and writing for the blog, as I wanted to build its identity first, but there’s a number of girls that will hopefully come on board early next year. Since it’s been running, it’s had really great feedback, gained a lot of interest and respect within the industry and I get contacted regularly by various record companies, PR companies, labels, managers and artists themselves, who are looking for exposure through the blog to our regular followers.

This is great news, we do think it is a worthwhile initiative, we love it! Good luck with it all.

Finally, what’s in your bag for 2014?

To keep on keeping on! I want to work on more productions next year and get a few EP’s under my belt, gain more exposure and get some more gigs on foreign soil. I’m also hoping to expand the blog more and take it from a blog on the web to a proper brand. I’m possibly looking to start my own night in the near future too. Watch this space.

For sure! Thanks again Michelle, we can’t wait to have you back at the decks!


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