Dick And Fanny is a quarterly London club night for homosexuals of all persuasions, spinning classic house and techno, italo, hi nrg and disco for a mixed crowd of dykes, fags, trannies and their admirers. DAF is a place for all gays to mix with a high dosage of fun, dancing, amazing music and no attitude. Previous DJs include Kim Ann Foxman, Jerry Bouthier, Lauren Flax, Severino, Maya Jane Coles, Jim Stanton, Tama Sumo, Discodromo, Hannah HollandDan Beaumont, Sudha, Josh Sparber, Virginia, Tiago, Dana Ruh, Massimiliano Pagliara, Joyce Muniz, Ryan Smith, Djuna Barnes, W Jeremy, Kim Anh, Rod Thomas, Honey Dijon, La GosseAfrica, DJ Sveta, Dactylo, Michelle Manetti, Jim Warboy, Feral AKA MC Kinky, Pet Shop BearsMandy Graves & Jools PalmerThe Lovely JonjoNadia Ksaiba, Borja Pena, Colby b, Miss Bailey, Dave Kendrick, RUFUS&Bambi, David Oh, Ben Addict, De La Ioakim, The Duchess of Pork, MDMX, El Nino Diablo, Philippos N, Queer Council, Dirtbox, Holestar, Gay For Disco, Polanski, Jenny Woolworth, DJ Rokk, Cum & Sea, DJ Squeaky, PistolPete, Sanjay, Pep Sanchez.

“Playing classic house as well as all shapes and sizes of disco and tasty dollops of techno, punk funk, and dirty electro so things don’t get stale, this pretension-free party is all about having as much fun as is possible to squeeze into a Saturday night – not to mention a pair of size 10 stack heels” The Guardian Guide

“Aimed at a ‘mixed crowd of dykes, fags, trannies and their admirers’, Dick And Fanny’s quarterly parties are always a riot” Timeout London

Dick And Fanny on Twitter and Tumblr.



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