Dick and Fanny talk to Honey Dijon

Chicago native and New York resident Honey Dijon has a wealth of experience behind the decks drawing inspiration from the house sounds of the Windy City and the Big Apple alike but not restricting herself to any particular sound. Honey is equally at home on the dancefloor as she is at a fashion show having DJed nightclubs from Paris to London and Berlin to Ibiza as well as fashion shows for global tastemakes such as Louis Vuitton (which she just played in Paris), Givenchy and Rick Owens. We’re delighted to welcome her to the first Dick and Fanny of 2014 and asked her some questions before her set at Dance Tunnel this Saturday 18th January.

Hi Honey, lovely to meet you and very excited to have you play the next Dick and Fanny. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Rebel. Artist. Sensualist. Vinyl Junkie. Househead. Musician. Style Junkie. Yoga Enthusiast. Vegan. Sassy. Funny. Eccentric. Kinky. Traveller. Foodie. Funny. Gin Lover. Music Addict.

When and how did you first start djing? How did you get into house music?

I grew up in Chicago. House music is practically in the water. I had no choice. It seduced me. Ron Hardy, Derrick Carter, Frankie Knuckles, Danny Tenaglia, Laura Branch, Lil Louis, Pharris Thomas, Giorgio Moroder, Trevor Horn, Quincy Jones, Grace Jones, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Nitzer Ebb, Green Velvet,George Duke, Peter Brown, Patrick Crowley,Masters At Work, David Morales, Armando, Chez & Ron are all responsible for the person answering these questions in one form or another.

You have produced a fair amount of remixes as well as your own productions. Are you working on anything at the moment?

Well I just finished a remix for Huxley and Sam Russo called Don’t Understand for Matt Tolfrey’s label Leftroom that is getting some buzz. Hercules and Love Affair just approached me about doing a remix for them which is cool and I have some business coming out on Classic as well. I’ve also been working on my first artist album for the last two years so hopefully that will see the light of day this summer.

What else are your plans for 2014?

It just started loll Just really focusing on productions and spending more time in the EU. I love Berlin, Paris, and London.That’s my goal for the year.

You are also heavily involved in the fashion world, how did you get into that?

I love style! I have always thought music, fashion ,and art was the perfect manage a trios! I was fortunate enough to dj in a lot of places where fashion folk would flock to and I was always true to what I did as far as never playing silly fashion music ( pop shit! ). I’ve always played house or disco and I think by sticking to my guns I stood out and fashion folk tend to like a little bit of conviction and flair so it worked out I think.

You were featured in Antony (of the Johnsons) and Charles Atlas’ film Turning. How did that come to be?

I’ve known Antony for years. He used to come hear me dj in New York. We became friends and when he put that project together he invited me along. Funny enough, originally I wasn’t’ gonna go because I was in Tapei for a gig, flew back to New York, and the next night was on a plane for Italy. I had a cold as well and was being a bit of a baby but I pulled it together, got on that plane and I’m so happy I did because it was a life changing and affirming two weeks! I will never forget it.

What can the Dick and Fanny crowd expect from your set?

Me, some vinyl situations, and efx. Town and country exclusively DONE.

Honey Dijon plays Dick and Fanny at Dance Tunnel this Saturday 18th January.


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