Dick And Fanny has a chat with David Oh

David Oh

DAVID OH has his fingers in various pies including residencies at Another Night, which is also run by our friend and previous DAFer Rod Thomas (Bright Light Bright Light), Songs of Praise and R&She and guest spots at Dirtbox, Beast, Popstarz and Bristol Pride. We are super chuffed that David will be playing for us on Saturday 16 February at Shacklewells Arms.

When did you first start DJing?
Well I’d started the usual way of DJing at some friends’ house parties, and by annoying my housemates in various bedrooms of mine over the years. One of my friends then started a pop night called Love Machine, and asked me to play at that. I became resident and the night started doing well, hosting launch parties for Nicola Roberts and the like. Through that I got asked to play at more nights, like Popstarz, and it gained steam from there.

You run a few club nights across town, tell us a bit more about them.
I help to run three nights at the moment. Songs of Praise at East Bloc is just about to go monthly, after being every other month for a year and a half and having some insanely fun and packed parties. So I’m really excited about that. At Vogue Fabrics I run Another Night, a 90s night with the fellow fabulous Welsher Rod Thomas (Bright Light Bright Light), which is always ridiculously fun, and R&She with Neil Prince and QBoy. This is packing out Vogue Fabrics every time it’s on too, so I’m really happy!

What are your favourite tracks you currently play over and over again?
It really depends on what night I’m playing at, as my sets can vary so much. One track that I keep playing across most of the nights, in its original or remixed form is ‘Losing You – Solange’. Such a perfect track. On Saturday you’re bound to be hearing the Andy Butler remix of ‘Into The Groove’ at some point, as well as plenty of Bubba and T. Williams, my favourite producers right now.

And can you shed some light on your Madonna obsession? Are you gonna play any Madge
for us this weekend (please)?
Oh I manage to wangle Madonna into almost every set I ever play, even if it’s a banging techno one! So there’ll be Madge on Saturday for sure.

I could write a book on my Madonna obsession, so I won’t bore you with the details. Some of my earliest memories involve Madonna, and I still think that she’s one of the bravest people in music, who changed the way things work and still does things her own way. I’ve got no time for the current Madonna bashing trend!

Oh yes! We do love Madge too for sure. Thanks David!


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