Dick And Fanny has a chat with Kim Ann Foxman

Photo by Collier Schorr

Photo by Collier Schorr

If you know Dick And Fanny just a little you will know that we have been major fans of Kim Ann Foxman from the beginning. In fact, the only reason why the night ever came to life was because she accepted our invite to come and play for us in London. The rest is history but certainly not our admiration for Kim Ann and we are honoured that she came to our decks more than once. She will be back again for a pre-NYE party we are throwing on the 28th of December at Dalston Superstore with the awesome Hot Boy Dancing Spot crew.

For the ones who were hibernating for the past few years, Kim Ann became prominent on the international dance scene with her collaboration with Andy Butler and his disco dance project Hercules And Love Affair. Kim Ann launched her singing career somewhat serendipitously but is now entirely recognised not only as a talented DJ but also as an established producer. Kim Ann launched her solo career about two years ago and has also collaborated with some of the best music producers around including KiNK/Neville Watson and Layo & Bushwhacka.

We caught up with her before her DJ gig to see where she’s at and what’s coming up for 2013.

Hi Kim Ann, we are so super excited that you are coming back to play for us again. How are you? We’ve followed you by way of Instagram during your holidays in Hawaii. It looked absolutely stunning but did you manage to get a proper rest or were those ‘working holidays’?

Oh that was pure vacation. I’m from Hawaii and I hadn’t been back in almost 4 years so I was extra excited to be there. Plus, I luckily was able to escape hurricane Sandy just in time. We went to all my favorite beaches and waterfalls, and I ate my way through the island. I love the food there so much.

We’re fast approaching the end of the year and looking back at 2012, what will you remember the most from the past year and why?

I will remember honey boo boo child because she drinks go go juice, and I will remember the world saying a sad good-bye to Whitney Houston – I love Whitney R.I.P.  In my own experience of 2012, I enjoyed my first year living in the East Village and making my new place really cozy. I won’t forget my Hawaiian vacation because it was the first vacation I really took in years, and obsessing over the TV series Homeland because it was my favorite show of 2012.

What did you find the most challenging and what did you do to overcome it?

I somehow for some strange reason had to play before a Euro dance trance DJ who was really nice – BUT, he played music that sounded like Celine Dion trance. It was really so far from my world and I wasn’t even aware of who he was or what kind of music he played. Good thing I didn’t know till after I was done with my set the first night. I was wondering why the crowd wasn’t responding to House very much and I felt like they were waiting for me to do crazy stunts, as if I needed fire on stage and pom pom palms and high kicks and air horns. They wanted a spectacle. The next night I was a bit more concerned because I knew what to expect. So – I just drank vodka as fast as I could before I went on and tried to play the most epic music I had in my genre and element. Luckily my girlfriend was with me so I was able to giggle about the whole situation with her. I think finding humor in it helped me get through it.

We know that the world of music production isn’t always sympathetic to female producers. Do you feel you have to prove yourself twice as much as all the guy DJs out there? Have you had to develop specific strategies to counter this reality and if so do you have any tips for all the women out there who are trying to make a place for themselves in this male-dominated scene?

I think it’s so rad when female DJs make it in the industry because it is super male dominated. Although I do believe it has been opening up over time a bit and there is more support, the truth is that it really is just a handful of women in a vast ocean of men. The hardest part is breaking in and being taken seriously as a proper DJ. You gotta have confidence and believe in yourself to swim with the boys in the industry. Of course it helps to be involved with producing music as well. On the bright side,  I do find that once you make it, there is a ton of support because it is somewhat refreshing or novel for many people.

Besides releasing remixes, you’ve now released two EPs, Creature on MR INTL., which you produced with Andy Butler and Return It, out now on Needwant, which you wrote and produced yourself. What’s next?

Really just more singles, collaborations, remixes, and a solo album 🙂 🙂  I have my hands pretty filled right now.

Talking about collaborations, if you could work with anyone you wanted, who would be the next artist you’d want to work with and why?

I have a zillion answers for this question, it’s too hard to pick just one. I will pick Janet Jackson because she seems way unreachable and you said ANYONE. She was such a part of my growing up. It would be an epic honor.

What can we expect to hear on your album?

Dance jams of course and some sing-along slower jams too. It’s pretty much inspired by house, techno, freestyle, and R&B.

Looking ahead, what is going to be the biggest highlight (solo album apart) of 2013 for you?

Well, I think it will be cool to start putting together something with live elements – that will be exciting.

Thanks Kim Ann. We just cannot wait to see you on the 28th December at Dalston Superstore.

Have a listen to Kim Ann’s recent mix Skyline, it is a real gem and it will put you in the perfect mood to dance your socks off with us on Friday 28 December. See you on the dancefloor!


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