Dick And Fanny has a chat with DJ RUFUS&Bambi

Self-registered free spirit and accidental collector of travel stamps, Elena Colombi – aka RUFUS&Bambi – invaded the London scene some years ago armed with nothing but a love of music and a toothbrush. In that time she’s whisked up something of a storm, scoring a residency at BREED and setting up her own shindig Abattoir.

We’re happy to welcome RUFUS&Bambi again for one of our parties, and what party, we’re turning 3! RUFUS&Bambi has prepared a little mix to celebrate our birthday and will join DJs Djuna Barnes, Africa and W Jeremy to the decks on Saturday 29 September 2012 at Shacklewell Arms. We’ve had a little chat with Elena about Abattoir, BREED, musical inspiration, aesthetics and, er, tidying… Enjoy…

What did you want to convey with this mix? What’s your favourite track in it?
This mix is the result of a recent – once in a lifetime – home tidying.
Haha. Just joking..
I needed space in my flat so I went through my old records and CD’s, also looking at the CD’s I burned when I first started DJing.
It was a nice journey into my musical taste… I found some tracks I would NEVER play again but also some pretty little gems!
So here’s the result: A classic + acid house mix with a little intruder.

Favourite track? mhh, at least three:
Jodeci – Freakin You (MK Dub)
33 1/3 Queen – Searchin’
The Stickmen – You Can Dew

What flavour will your set have at Dick And Fanny?
The only way for you to know is to come down to the party 😉
Obvious. But true.

What inspires you the most musically?
Clubbing and going out in general but also travelling, movies, people I meet, all sort of interactions… Everything really!
I buy music almost everyday. All genres, all formats… I am a music bulimic.

Abattoir might sound a bit gruesome for a party name (especially for vegetarians!). How did you come up with this name?
Haha, good question… I was looking for a dark and raw name, with a nineties vibe and Abattoir was one of the first that came into my mind.
After testing completely different ones (I won’t give examples as some were very embarrassing) with friends I just went back to my first idea and thought: Hold on, Abattoir it’s just perfect: it’s raw and it involves meat, and that’s exactly what you get in clubs in a way… sweaty bodies dancing in a dark room. That’s it!

Abattoir was also perfect for a purely aesthetic reason: one word only, its letters can be used in nice, specular ways.
You can divide Abattoir in 2, 4, the double A and double T’s are strong lines to play with.
By taking a look at all the artworks (I always design them myself) you can see how important the images and graphics are, always following a strong concept the party is related to.

I also think that when you start a new party the name you choose for it seems more important but after the first few events the focus moves onto the sound, the crowd, the vibes and the name takes on a new meaning.
Dick and Fanny is a perfect example of this.

Can you define Abattoir in a few words?
Beautiful people, cosy atmosphere, London but not only, house, disco, deep, acid, techno, dark & Sexy. ABATTOIR is love at first sight.

Are you working on other musical projects at the moment?
I am part of another exciting party called BREED, which is Rex The Dog‘s “baby”. (if we say Abattoir is mine)
It’s a bimonthly event hosted at Dalston Superstore. I have been chosen as a resident before it first started, just over a year ago.
There I get to play more electronic weapons, experimenting musically in a completely different direction. And I love it.
Every single party was considered as an event itself, followed by limited edition tees and gadgets.
Every single night so far was a big success! Next one will be Friday the 5th of October, with some new interactive projections. I am very excited for it.

I’ve also recently dipped my hands into some music production. I always have been hanging out with music lovers, DJs and producers and this step was inevitable I think.
Making music is incredibly exciting and addictive. Hopefully I’ll create something good enough very soon and I will come and test it on the dance floor of Dick And Fanny!

Do you miss Italy’s party scene?
Not really.. I used to go out a lot in Milan, for a good year I was out twice or even three times a week but the clubs were always the same… same music… same people.
I have been working for really good parties back there, which was fun.. but London club scene is hard to beat!
I just booked a flight to go back at the end of October though. I haven’t been back there for a very long time. Who knows, I might change my mind.

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